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All great relationships are built on trust. We know that when it comes to finding a partner to help you manage your wealth, your decision is as personal as it is financial.

Our diverse team of talented, dedicated professionals bring an unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients receive the care, attention and expertise they deserve.

We invest our own capital into each stock our analysts select and we provide a personal account manager to each client who will present new opportunities as and when they present themselves.

Investors, analysts, advisors and Technologists.

Our people set us apart.

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In our journey spanning over two decades, we've consistently realized superior returns for our clients, a record that didn't waver even amid the Covid-19 crisis, by identifying and capitalizing on investments that have proven to be frontrunners in the post-pandemic landscape. Meta (formerly Facebook), Amazon, and Netflix represent just a fraction of the pre-pandemic investments we made, which have since burgeoned in the evolving economic climate.

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Investment Options to Suit You...

We offer a diversified portfolio in both the private and public sectors, across a broad range of industry sectors, encouraging innovation and growth that touches nearly every part of our global economy.

Execution Only

We can act as your execution only broker, advising and presenting you with opportunities, however you remain in control of your portfolio.

Managed Funds

We have a variety of managed funds available to suit all investor types, we fully manage the investment strategy and portfolio on your behalf.

Tailored Funds

We create and manage a range of solutions that provide a consistent, reliable approach to your specific goals, tailored specifically for you.

Headshot of PowerSchool CEO Hardeep Gulati

"With Capital Value Securities, we’ve seen growth in stocks that we would never have looked at – that includes stocks in sectors that we already had large exposure to within our portfolio."

Jack Harrington, Melbourne

Headshot of Trintech CEO Teresa Mackintosh

"Capital Value Securities brings a story of success and an excellent track record, so we’ve been able to maintain an extremely positive, results driven portfolio that was tailored to our short term needs"

Melissa Baker, Sydney

Headshot of Cvent Founder and CEO Reggie Aggarwal

"Capital Value Securities presents us with opportunities almost on a weekly basis, acting as our execution only broker, they give us the advice we need to make extremely informed decisions."

Mark Wallis, Brisbane