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Private Equity

Investing in companies who are showing clear signs of growth potential at early to mid stages in their lifespan is a strategy we focus on more importantly than any other.

Capital Value Securities look for early opportunities so we can acquire shares in companies before they go public. Allowing our clients to enter at the same time as institutional money, means our clients can invest into companies that otherwise would not allow outside investment.

We then capitalize on those investments massively as companies grow and eventually evolve into publicly traded companies through IPOs and direct listings.

Strategic Investments

We invest in companies that provide critical products and services, primarily technology or technology-enabled solutions. As a strategic investor with an in-depth, focused knowledge and understanding of various markets, we seek out companies that we believe have huge growth potential. Our sector focus and deep expertise are our competitive discriminators and allow us to identify and execute on multiple strategic levers that drive the performance of our investments.

Enhancing Value

We collaborate with our companies to capitalize on new ideas and be the first to learn of new opprtunities within each sector. We manage capital for pension funds, large institutions and individuals. Our mission is to create long-term value for our investors through the careful stewardship of their capital in the private equity market.

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