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Strategies / Bonds

Bonds & Fixed Income

Investing with Capital Value Securities means gaining access to a global range of strategies covering a broad array of asset classes across multiple regions, which allows investors to diversify their investments, manage their risk and can help maximize their returns.

We give our clients access to bonds and other fixed income investments on a global scale in order for our clients to achieve above average fixed returns.

Our team comprises fixed income management specialists based around the world and they invest in fixed income assets including major government, bank and corporate bonds, high-yield credit and other alternative fixed income options.

Our fixed income fund managers have assets under management in Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific and emerging markets.

We have close partnerships with major banks in the US, Canada, UK and Hong Kong and we provide our clients access to investments on a global scale. These close relationsips allow our clients to invest directly with the banks and with no brokerage fees charged by ourselves.

Our clients are able to gain access to fantastic fixed returns with our institutional bonds. These are made available due to our partnerships with several major banks including the Bank of Montreal, Toronto Dominion, HSBC, Barclays and the Bank of America.

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Steady Growth & Capital Preservation

With low interest rates and the potential for higher volatility, it’s getting harder to find income without stretching for yield. Capital Value Securities income solutions are designed to generate attractive yields in varying market conditions, while seeking to provide a balanced risk-reward profile and capital preservation.

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Income should be predictable even when markets aren't.


The Capital Value Securities suite of income solutions leverage global opportunities set to seek attractive income for investors.


Each of our funds provide access to Capital Value Securities’s time-tested investment fixed income process and portfolio management.


Capital Value Securities provide clients with rigorous credit research, security analysis, risk management and world-class management expertise.


Fixed income investing should not be a one shoe fits all approach. Our core strategy seeks total return derived primarily from capital appreciation and secondarily; coupon interest. However each client is different and with so many fixed rate bonds and other fixed income options available it is important we tailor the advice to suit your specific goals and objections.


Capital Value Securities's fixed income investment approach blends top-down and bottom-up investment ideas, our teams are responsible for research, analysis, security selection and execution. The fixed income portfolio team is independently accountable for asset allocation and portfolio construction within our core fixed income and bond portfolios.